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Campus tours through Undergraduate Admission are led by nearly 200 Green Wave Ambassadors each academic year. These students give valuable time and energy introducing Tulane to prospective students and families.

If you're curious to see who might be leading your upcoming tour, or you have more questions for the student who led a tour you've already taken, please browse the GWA members listed below.

Home State

Global Ambassadors

Below is just a small group of international and U.S. students at Tulane who are actively engaged with our international community. These Global Ambassadors are more than happy to discuss aspects of Tulane with you, as well as their adjustment to making our unique campus and city home. Each student has listed topics that most interest them, as well as their hometown. Please get in touch with any and all of them for their personal perspectives on Tulane.

Class of 2017
Minneapolis, MN
Spanish & Portuguese
Minor: Philosophy
Class of 2017
Atlanta, GA
Political Science
Class of 2020
Uttar Pradesh, India
Minor: Gender and Sexuality Studies
Class of 2019
Yangon, Myanmar
International Relations
Cellular and Molecular Biology
Class of 2018
San José, Costa Rica
Class of 2020
Nuevo León, Mexico
Biomedical Engineering
Computer Science
Minor: None
Class of 2018
Memphis, TN
Classical Studies
Minor: Chemistry
Class of 2017
Ontario, Canada
International Relations
Minor: International Development