Zachary B.

Tour Guide at Tulane University

Class of 2022

Hometown: Seattle, WA


Major: Architecture

I chose Tulane because...

Tulane really had everything I was looking for in a school! It's a big enough university that it has more resources than I can use, but not so big that I'll get lost. Throughout the school, there's really an atmosphere of doing good, and there really aren't any roadblocks in exploring classes outside of your major. Beyond that, the School of Architecture is an amazing community on its own, and it does a ton of outreach in the city of New Orleans.

My favorite spots in New Orleans are...

Any neighborhood with lots of brightly painted shotguns, YEP Thrift Store, Sucré on Magazine

I'm passionate about...

Sexual health education anything to do with food Viola Composting Cooking/Baking

I'm involved with...

Food Recovery Network Honors Program The Tulane Hullabaloo Newspaper Orchestra
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