Zach B.

Tour Guide at Tulane University


Class of 2022

Hometown: Seattle, WA


Major: Architecture

Favorite Tulane class/professor...

Class: SISE 2010 with Rebecca Otten. Not your typical lecture class—every day we did something different, be it a discussion on a reading or a group activity mapping social inequality in New Orleans. This class caused me to challenge a lot of preconceived notions, and taught me how to approach problems in multiple ways and not be so locked in my own head. Highly recommend, even if social entrepreneurship is a tangential interest—this class is filled with content that will make you a better student and citizen. Added bonus: service learning with the amazing folks at Grow Dat Youth Farm! (unCommon Construction NOLA if you take it second semester) Professor: Marianne Desmarais, first year design studio (ARCH1011). First year of college is a time of incredible transitions, and even more so when moving from being a STEM student to being an architecture student. Professor Desmarais was a great aid, and she gave us our introduction to how to think, behave, and work like an architect. Her guidance was that perfect balance between rules and individual freedom, and the one-on-one support she offered was likewise helpful and effective. other incredible professors (in no particular order): Dr. Agnieszka Nance Professor Aron Chang Dr. Benjamin Smith Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel

My favorite NOLA festival is...

Southern Decadence! A pride parade New Orleans-style, as a community centric event.

I chose Tulane because...

Tulane checked all my boxes for a school! It’s big enough to offer a ton of resources, but small enough to find a really strong community. I came in knowing I wanted to do architecture, but I also wanted an escape route if I didn’t like it (fortunately, I do) and Tulane makes it super easy to explore other majors and programs. Had I not liked it, I know Tulane would have helped me find an area of study that I would have found equally as fulfilling and engaging. I really value being at a school that is so involved in the community, and is full of passionate leaders all working to improve our school and city.

My favorite spots in New Orleans are...

YEP Thrift Store, Crescent Park, Hong Kong Market (technically in Gretna but easily the best grocery store in the greater New Orleans area).

I'm passionate about...

Sustainability Orchestra anything to do with food Composting

I'm involved with...

Teaching Assistant Honors Program New Student Orientation Tulane University Peer Health Educators Architecture Student Government
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