Sarah C.

Tour Guide at Tulane University

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Major: Neuroscience

Secondary Major: B.S. in Economics


I chose Tulane because...

of the academic flexibility! When accepted into Tulane, you are accepted into the university itself and are free to explore any and all of the 5 undergraduate schools as well as any major. Most schools are very rigid about switching between undergraduate schools, and taking classes in other undergraduate programs, but Tulane views this as an impediment to student learning, and even encourages students to explore majors/minors in the different undergraduate schools. It's the reason why so many students are able to double and even triple major!

My favorite spots in New Orleans are...

the fly because the sunsets are so beautiful, and going to fly is my favorite way to spend a Friday afternoon. I also love going to Willa Jean's for brunch - it's probably my favorite!

Favorite Tulane class/professor...

My favorite class so far is Calculus 1 with Michael Joyce. I had never taken Calculus before coming to college and was terrified but Michael Joyce was so straightforward and easy to understand, and he really wanted all of his students to succeed. It was a large lecture hall class in Richardson but he easily made it feel like he was catering to everyone's needs in the class.

My favorite NOLA festival is...

Po Boy festival! The food was so delicious that I probably gained the Tulane 20 in one day..

I'm passionate about...

Listening to Music Food

I'm involved with...

Newcomb Big/Little Intramural soccer Greek Life
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