Paul S.

Alumnus at Tulane University

Class of 2019

Current: New Iberia, LA


Major: Finance

Secondary Major: Legal Studies in Business

I chose Tulane because...

There are two main reasons I chose Tulane. As far as Louisiana schools go (and for that part most of the south), you will not find a better academic environment than at Tulane. The top-notch business school and private research institution are just two of the many accolades that Tulane can claim, but these two are the main reasons for my particular major. Another huge reason is the metropolitan city of New Orleans. My mom grew up here, and she often talks about Tulane because she went to high school right down the street. She tells me about the many different aspects of growing up in New Orleans and how it affected the way she sees the world. I wanted that experience of learning what New Orleans can teach a person who calls this city home.

My favorite spots in New Orleans are...

My grandmothers apartment in the French Quarter, the River Walk, and the Insectarium

I'm passionate about...

Gelato Mario Kart Eating Food Crawfish Campus Programing

I'm involved with...

Game Day Management Undergraduate Student Government Tidal Wave Student Alumni Association Crawfest
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