Rebecca B.

Tour Guide at Tulane University

Class of 2021

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN


Major: Public Health

Secondary Major: Homeland Security Studies

Minor: Studio Art

My favorite NOLA festival is...

Mardi Gras, of course! My favorite krewe is Muses. They are known for beautiful floats and throwing decorated high heels. I love that Muses kicks off the main week of parades.

I chose Tulane because...

it is the perfect mix of academics, community service, and location. Academically Tulane pushes its students to reach their full potential. Tulane is a top school for public health, my major, and this is reflected in the faculty and courses offered. Before coming to Tulane I was passionate about community service and volunteering around my hometown. Since coming to Tulane that passion has only intensified as there is an emphasis placed on community service here. Volunteering is so helpful to the community and a great way to explore the community. The last major reason I chose Tulane is because of location. New Orleans is the perfect mix of city while also having quiet spots for me. In New Orleans there is always a new restaurant, art show, or concert to check out.

My favorite spots in New Orleans are...

in the Garden District. I love exploring the neighborhoods close to campus and checking out their stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. I can spend all day walking around New Orleans discovering new places. That said, Magazine Street is one of my favorite spots because there is always something to do there.

Favorite Tulane class/professor...

is Spanish III with Professor Amy George--Hirons. Profesora George is passionate about Spanish, which translates as she teaches her students. She is understanding and extremely knowledgeable about what she teaches. I love this class because the professor has created a welcoming learning environment for all the students.

I'm passionate about...

Travel Indianapolis Exploring the City Community Service Photography

I'm involved with...

work study Sustainability Committee Rotaract Club
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