Madeline C.

Tour Guide at Tulane University

Class of 2021

Hometown: Louisville, KY


Major: Environmental Science

Secondary Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: French

Favorite Tulane class/professor...

I'm a total environmental science nerd! So far I've loved my geology courses! Taking multiple geology classes helped me decide to double major in geology and environmental studies. Looking at minerals rocks!!

I chose Tulane because...

There were a lot of different reasons I chose Tulane. First, I loved the city of New Orleans. I had imagined living here as a little girl, but never in my wildest dreams thought it would come true. The relaxed, European feel to the city is inviting and intriguing and keeps me exploring the neighborhoods during my free time. Additionally, Tulane's campus seemed exciting and welcoming. Upon touring Tulane I immediately noticed a sense of one with the community: each Tulanian is excited about Tulane! They are passionate about their school and their city, and I think that makes the campus a much more friendly and compassionate place to live and study. Finally, Tulane's devotion to public service is admirable. Located in the Garden District, I think it's praiseworthy that Tulane recognizes the privilege that comes with living in an upperclass neighborhood that is less prone to water damage and crime than other neighborhoods in the city; we recognize this by participating in various days of community service such as Outreach Tulane, and also in our service learning courses. Additionally, many classes taught at Tulane incorporate examples from the surrounding neighborhoods, whether that be southern Louisiana or the Hollygrove neighborhood, which gives students the opportunity to explore their major in a broad manner while also connecting it to their home for the next four years.

I'm passionate about...

Hiking Yoga Teaching

I'm involved with...

compassion in action Intramural Volleyball Green Wave USG Sustainability Committee Kappa Kappa Gamma
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