Julia B.

Tour Guide at Tulane University


Class of 2021

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA


Major: Psychology

Secondary Major: Theater

I chose Tulane because...

I liked its commitment to service, size (small enough to where I would see people I knew everyday but large enough to where I didn't know everybody), and being in New Orleans. Everyone was also so friendly and helpful when I toured college and I find that still to be true after 4 years. Tulane is not competitive. Everyone is passionate about something and wants to help each other succeed.

My favorite spots in New Orleans are...

Creole Creamery and LUVI! I also love The Fly!

Favorite Tulane class/professor...

My freshman english class really impacted me. My professor,Dr.Holt, was absolutely amazing. She let us choose topics personal to us to write on for the whole semester and arranged for us to meet an author that we had read all semester. She is also very influential in the New Orleans literature community. She helped me find my voice and is someone I still keep in contact with.

My favorite NOLA festival is...

The CHEESE festival!!! Yum! Tulane also has our own student run music and crawish festival called Crawfest and it is amazing!

I'm passionate about...

Disability Advocacy medical field Arts and Crafts Blogging peer health educators Baking Theater volunteering with children

I'm involved with...

Research Extern at NOLA VA Hospital Tower and Crescent (Student Alumni Ambassadors) Green Wave Ambassadors disabled student union Alpha Phi Omega Service Faternity Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Tulane Jewish Leaders Tulane University Performing Arts Society (TUPAS) Tulane University Peer Health Educators
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