Daniel K.

Tour Guide at Tulane University

Class of 2020

Hometown: White Plains, NY


Major: Economics

Concentration: N/A

Secondary Major: N/A

Minor: Public Health

My Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 9am

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My top strengths are...

When it comes to my strengths, I am a very diverse, approachable, and enthusiastic person. I can talk to anyone at anytime, about virtually anything, and I'm very much a people-person.

A few of my life goals are...

My life goals include being really really good at dancing, and academically, I want to be a leading thinker at the top of my desired field.

What connects me to my friends...

I connect to my friends with shared passions such as soccer, shared humor, and the same basic world-view.

I feel most alive when...

I feel most alive when I'm surrounded by people that I love, worry-free, in my happy place. Whether that includes playing soccer, waking up early to just enjoy the Tulane/New Orleans morning air, or watching a beautiful sunset.

I'm passionate about...

Manchester United international politics Taking Pictures Emergency Medical Services Jewish Learning School Spirit Medicine Soccer

I'm involved with...

Green Wave Ambassadors Tulane Emergency Medical Services Sinai Scholars Engineers Without Borders Chabad Tulane Ping Pong Club TIPAC Men's Club Soccer GWA
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