Asher C.

Tour Guide at Tulane University

Class of 2021

Hometown: Denver, CO


Major: Finance

Secondary Major: Management

Minor: Economics

Favorite Tulane class/professor...

My favorite class was Art History (Renaissance to Present timeframe). My favorite professor has been Sanda Groome in the Legal Studies department, she is always very clear in her lectures and it is always easy to see how much she cares about student understanding and success.

My favorite NOLA festival is...

Po boy fest! So many adventurous and delicious po boys in one place!

I chose Tulane because...

I wanted to be more than a number. From the classroom to extracurriculars, this school reminds me everyday that I can make a very personal difference. Getting involved is easy and encouraged and professors are caring.

I'm passionate about...

Talking People Olives

I'm involved with...

Freeman Student Government Intramural soccer New Student and Leadership Program Undergraduate Student Government Delta Sigma Pi Sigma Chi
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