Aaron A.

Tour Guide at Tulane University

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA


Major: Neuroscience

Concentration: Pre-Med

Secondary Major: Pyschology


My favorite spots in New Orleans are...

My favorite spots in New Orleans are scattered amongst the city. On a Friday afternoon I love the company of good friends and the scenic view of the Mississippi River at the Fly in Audubon Park. If I were to travel across the city I would love to go to the French Quarter, another favorite spot in New Orleans. There I like walking to the Gumbo Shop on St Peter to pick up Gumbo, going to pick up a muffuletta at The Napoleon House next door, and sitting down in Jackson Square to eat it all.

I chose Tulane because...

I’m going to be completely honest, Tulane was not my top choice when I was applying to college. Although Tulane was always in discussion, it was never truly an option I explored until I arrived on campus for my first tour. While walking down the academic quad, past the LBC, and on McAllister, I saw a microcosm of the student body. Everyone, I mean everyone, was smiling. It was 10am in the morning and everyone was smiling. In-between classes, with friends or alone, every student had a smile on his or her face. It was the most surreal moment I could have possibly imagined. The enchanted effects every smile and every student shed onto the university was my euphoria. This school clearly was my Eden. No other campus I had visited had this effect upon its student’s or even the patience to try to create all the Tulane had to offer. Tulane cares about the individual. The individuals care about others here. This was the place for me.

I'm passionate about...

Neuroscience Tulane Judaism Music

I'm involved with...

Greek Life Hillel Neuroscience Association Pre-Med Society Undergraduate Student Government Tulane Israel Public Affairs Committee Residential Hall Association Men's Club Rowing Team
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